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George Matiasek, Sr., founded this company in 1971. He was a sheet metal worker by trade, and worked in the business for 25 years for companies in Chicago. Tired of working for others, he formed his company "G.M. Sign, Inc." using his initials rather than his full name.
He decided to locate in Lake County and rent space in a shop located in Waukegan, where he would establish his new company and limit it to a wholesale business. He concentrated on manufacturing his products with quality. He did not advertise his products and depended on personal service to his customers and the quality of his work to let companies learn of his business by "word of mouth". It didn’t take long before business grew and in 1972, his son, George Jr., joined his father manufacturing letters and sign cabinets.

In 1973, business outgrew the small rented space, with the addition of two more employees. George Sr. decided it was time to give his company a permanent home. He purchased a one-acre site in the Round Lake Industrial Park and proceeded to build a 5,000 square foot steel building and hired six more employees. It was a dream come true for him. The growth brought his daughter, Beverly, who was taking care of the paper work, into full time employment when G.M. Sign opened its doors at its new home. Under the guidance of his children, the company continued to grow, and an additional 2,500 square feet was added to the building.

In 1981, George Sr. passed away leaving his dream in the hands of his children. Continuing in their father’s footsteps, George and Beverly did not have to advertise. "THE QUALITY WAS IN EVERY G.M. SIGN PRODUCT," and they let the customers pass their name on to other retail and wholesale sign shops.
In 1983, due to the continuing growth of the company, a 7,500 square foot addition was completed, doubling the size of the building to a total of 15,000 square feet. In 1986, due to the increasing demand for neon tubing, George and Beverly increased the existing manufacturing process of neon with the acquisition of a neon company. Thus, they formed EKONAMY SIGN, INC. and expanded the versatility of the company. In 1988, due to the ongoing growth of the company, a need for additional manufacturing space required the company to again double the size of the building and purchase additional land. Now there is a 30,000 square foot building under one roof with an adjacent parking lot consisting of sixty parking spaces to accommodate our employees.
G.M. Sign is acknowledged by and is continuing the "QUALITY AND PERSONAL SERVICE MEASURED NOT BY GOLD, BUT, BY THE GOLDEN RULE" which George Matiasek Sr. felt was the basis for a successful business. George Matiasek, Jr. continues this tradition and takes pride in upholding the standard instilled in him by his father.

Our Services


Aside from quoting most jobs within 24 hours or sooner, we have a caring staff on hand to meet your every need. Whether you need advice to begin a job or a last-minute change to your order, our salesmen strive to deliver the best customer service. If you have experience with larger companies that have less than appropriate concern for your orders, we invite you to try G.M. Sign, Inc.

We are family owned and operated and take pride in our relationships with our clients. This is why the owner also heads up the sales department to offer his over 35 years of experience in the industry. Due to this influence, our other salesmen are trained and easily qualified to help with whatever questions you may have as well.


G.M. Sign, Inc. has served the sign industry with the latest manufacturing technology available by utilizing our state-of-the art fabrication equipment. In our 30,000 square foot facility, we have produced products ranging from “one of a kind” to multiple productions. Our ability to manufacture signage is only limited to your imagination. Our innovative technology and skilled craftsmen have developed flexibility in fabricating metal and plastics to a point where we are "the experts in custom manufacturing of sign products".


G.M. Sign, Inc., with its acquisition of Ekonomy Sign, Inc. in 1986, became one of the largest neon producing manufacturers in the Midwest. But times have changed, and so has the technology. G.M. Sign, Inc. is right there with it, offering new, affordable ways to light your signs. From L.E.D. Illumination and fluorescent lamps to incandescent bulbs and classic neon, the knowledgeable staff at G.M. Sign, Inc. is familiar with all the ways to make your sign shine.


G.M. Sign, Inc. has been a pioneer in the process of UL approval of product manufacturing for the sign industry. We have worked closely with Underwriters Laboratories with design criteria and procedures. This approach has given us an insight into manufacturing and installation cost reductions that are passed on to our customers. We are familiar with field installation problems concerning Underwriters Laboratories requirements.


G.M. Sign, Inc. has established a strong reputation in the sign industry on the quality of the products that we manufacture. This has been the result of a strong quality control program that prevails over the products manufactured. We have stood by our concept "Quality, measure not by Gold, but by the Golden Rule". We take pride in our knowledge and ability, along with our employees’ dedication to our Company.


G.M. Sign, Inc. custom packages and ships every product in the most efficient and cost effective method. Our truck routing capabilities present the customer with shortest transit times, which could be critical to that "Rush Order". Our trucks and trailers can deliver your product to your doorsteps safely and efficiently.


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